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10th Anniversary of ODI World Cup: Gautam Gambhir said on 10 years of ODI World Cup title win, time to move on from 2011

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Former opener Gautam Gambhir, who played a key role in India’s title win in the World Cup 2011, does not understand that 10 years of this title win will be completed on Friday, but why are people still so keen about it. On April 2, 2011, in the final played against Sri Lanka, Gambhir was one of the heroes of the Indian win and he scored a 97-run knock, after which the then captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni scored an unbeaten half-century to give the team the victory.

Member of Parliament Gambhir said, ‘It does not look like it was yesterday. At least not so with me. It has now passed 10 years. I am not someone who turns back and looks too much. Of course it was a proud moment but now it is time for Indian cricket to move forward. Probably the time has come for us to win the next World Cup at the earliest.

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How can one be so indifferent to the biggest day of his cricket career? Gambhir, who scored more than 10,000 international runs in 242 matches in all formats, said, “I am like that”. Gambhir believes that people should not be too keen on the World Cup victories of the past as the players who participated in the tournament did their best and did so under their professional responsibility.

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Gambhir, who was also the top scorer during India’s victory in the World T20 2007 final, said, “In 2011, we didn’t do anything that we shouldn’t have done. We were selected to play in the World Cup, we were supposed to win the World Cup. When we were selected, we were not just selected to play in the tournament, we were down to win. He said, ‘As far as I am concerned, there is no such feeling left now. We did not do any extraordinary work, yes we made the country proud, people were happy, now it is time to focus on the next World Cup.

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Gambhir feels that despite consistently providing world class players, the reason for India having limited success in major competitions may be to ‘look back’. He said, ‘If we had won the 2015 or 2019 World Cup, then probably India would have been considered a super power in world cricket. It has been 10 years and we have not won any other World Cup. So, I am not too keen on the achievements of the past.

Gambhir said, ‘If I scored 97, then I was chosen to make this run. Zaheer Khan’s job was to get wickets. We had to do our work. What we did on April 2 did not oblige anybody. The former opener said, ‘I don’t understand why people look back and look at the top moments of 1983 or 2011. Yes, it’s nice to talk about it or it’s okay. We won the World Cup but it is always good to move forward instead of looking back. ‘

Asked whether the players of the 2011 team got a chance to play continuously for almost a year, and what was the help with not having enough options like the current team led by Virat Kohli? Gambhir said that having enough options is sometimes harmful.

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He said, ‘It is very important that there is not much change in the team. If India had tried too many players before the 2011 World Cup, we would have had three to four players for each place. The more players you try, the more options you will get, this is normal. ‘ Gambhir said, ‘You should have 15 to 16 fixed players for at least six months or a year before the World Cup. We played a lot of cricket together and that was the reason for our success.

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