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11 digit mobile number: 11 digit will not have your mobile number, TRAI has clarified – no 11 digits mobile number for now, country will continue with 10-digit numbering scheme says trai

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There are so many smartphone users in India that the number of mobile numbers can be lost. This is the reason that TRAI was considering the new number scheme and it was revealed that in the past, if necessary, the mobile number can be of 11 digits. However, now it has been clarified by TRAI and it has been said that the plan to shift to 11 digit numbers has been rejected. This means that even 10 digit mobile numbers will continue to be available.

The official statement has been shared by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) and it has been said that we have rejected shifting to the new 11 digit number scheme and users in the country get 10 digit contact numbers as before. Will stay TRAI Secretary SK Gupta said in an official statement that several media houses reported that TRAI has decided to recommend 11 digit numbering schemes, while this is not the case. This was just a suggestion, which has been rejected.

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10 digit numbers will be available

It has been clarified by TRAI that in the country, users will continue to get only 10 digit mobile numbers. Regarding the new scheme, the TRAI said that it has been suggested to put '0' as a pre-fix before all the numbers but it will have to be done only when a call is being made from a fixed line number. That is, while making a STD call from a landline, you have to put 0 before the number as before, but it is not part of any new numbering scheme.

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New numbers are needed

In India, new numbers are constantly in need of millions of telephone and mobile users. The earlier suggestion said that if the first digit of the mobile number is kept to 9, then switching to 10 to 11-digit mobile number will have a total capacity of 10 billion (1000 crore) numbers in the country. Currently, TRAI has not felt the need to introduce such a numbering system and about 210 crore new telecom connections can be provided with the existing 9, 8 and 7 mobile numbers.

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