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3 easy ways to transfer contacts from old Android phones to new Android phones, learn step by step

New Delhi. Have you bought a new Android smartphone? If yes, then you will also have to transfer the data of your old phone to the new phone. Because our phone contains a lot of data that we do not want to lose and whenever we are switching from old phone to new one, we are very cautious about the data. However, many times people do not know how to transfer data or especially contacts from old Android phones to new Android phones. So in this article, we are going to tell you the way of this.

Explain that there are many ways to transfer contacts that users must know well. But still there will be many users who will not know how to transfer data from one phone to another. If you are also one of such users who have to search the internet to transfer contacts from old phones to new phones, then here we are telling you how to do this.

This is how to transfer data from old Android phones to new Android phones:

1) Google Cloud:

  • Through Google Cloud, users can transfer their data from one phone to another. This is considered to be the easiest method. Google Cloud is a reliable service that is available on every Android device.
  • Once you set up Google Cloud, you will not have to worry about contacts transferring. If you have already signed in to your Google account then your contacts will already be synced. But if you are not sure about this, then you can check it in the following way, whether your contacts are synced with Google account or not.
  • For this, you have to go to Settings. After this, we have to go to Accounts. Then tap on Google and check whether the toggle button next to the contact is on.
  • If it is not on, then turn it on. After activating it, your contacts will be synced with Google account within few minutes. If you use Gmail, your numbers will be synced with that account.
  • If you are switching to a new Android phone, then you will be asked for your Google details at the time of setup. Here you have to enter your Google details. If this has not happened, then you will have to go to Accounts in the phone settings and then tap on Add new and add the Google account. Shortly after doing this, all your numbers will be saved in the new phone.

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2) via SIM Card

  • If you do not want to link your numbers to your Google account, then you can adopt the old method. This is the way to save contacts into a SIM. However, first make sure that your SIM is properly set up in your new phone. Because if it is not set in the new phone, then transfer of contacts to the SIM will be useless.
  • If the SIM fits in the new phone, then you will have to take your old one. Then the Contacts app has to be opened. After this, you have to click on the Settings menu.
  • This menu can be given in different ways in every phone. But it is usually present in the top right corner of the main contacts.
  • After this you have to select Import / Export then select the Export to SIM card option.
  • After this, you will be able to transfer your contacts to the SIM.
  • After installing the SIM in the new phone, you will have to go to Contacts. Then go to Settings. Then tap on Import / Export and tap on the option Import from SIM card.
  • By doing this, your contacts will come in your phone. Let us know that only up to 250 contacts can be saved on the old SIM card. At the same time, some modern SIM cards can also save more than 250.

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3) via Contact App

  • From here you can transfer your contact in this other way also. For this, you have to open the Contacts app on your old phone.
  • After this you have to tap on the menu button in the right top corner and tap on the share button. You will then be asked to select the contacts.
  • After selecting all the contacts, you have to tap on the share given below. Then tap on Save To Drive.
  • Then you will be asked for some permission, Allow them. After this, you will be able to save your contacts by tapping on the Save option under the name of Contacts.vcf.
  • Then login Google account in new phone. Then open the drive. Here you will see the file of Contacts.vcf.
  • Click on it and download it. By doing this all your contacts will be saved in your new phone.

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