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5 features of iPhone that are not available in lakh rupees smartphone


  • Things have changed since the introduction of iOS 14 software
  • Fake apps are not listed on the Apple Store
  • High emphasis on customer privacy

There is always a rift between iPhone and Android users whether the iPhone is the best or the Android smartphone is the best. Android users are often seen telling iPhone users that they have taken such an expensive phone, what is so special about it. Now, if we talk about the features, then there are such features in the iPhone which are not coming in the most expensive Android smartphone till now. There was a time when Apple was considered for its powerful camera, even today Apple’s camera is very good. But in today’s time, Android smartphone cameras are also not less. If a comparison is made between these two, hardly she will ever take the name of ending, because both are the best in their respective places. But we are telling you about some features of iPhone which are not found in Android. In today’s time, data privacy matters a lot, because in this era of technology people are at risk of getting their personal data stolen. A lot of things have changed since Apple introduced the new iOS 14 software for iPhone. Now more emphasis has been placed on customer privacy. In today’s time, network provider companies and apps use user data and are given information on iFun.

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IPhone has included a new rule for users, which requires data storage and usage information for iPhone apps. That is, any iOS app uses the user’s data, where it is used and where it is stored. This is very important for user privacy. On behalf of Apple, users are being informed about this through the App Store update. Although the Android app is given information about the user’s data, but where it is being stored and where it is being used, information is not available.

Camera and mike nod
First of all, no iOS app can access your mic and camera without your approval. At the same time, if an iOS app silently accesses the mic or camera, then the iPhone gives notifications to the user through yellow and green dot. This will mean that no app will be able to record the user’s voice etc. in a secret manner. At the same time, the ID and password etc. of any user’s account will also not be stolen. If this happens, then Apple only informs its user.

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Fake app will not be found
In Apple, only safe apps are made available to iPhone users. Apple has made very strict rules for this. In this, each app needs to give all kinds of information to the users. It can be seen how this app is and it can be verified. No fake app of any kind is listed on the Apple Store. At the same time fake apps are found in Android smartphones, because many times clone app and clickbait app users download.

Access to the app in the least amount of information
Apple has implemented this policy that all app developers have to build such apps in which the apps are run with very little information. At the same time, when talking about Android smartphones, such apps come in them, where apps work only after collecting a lot of personal information. Android rules are not strict, so users do not get this kind of facility. That’s why more Android apps gain access to users’ media files and contacts, etc.

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Data approval before use
Apple has introduced a new privacy feature for its users, in which under iOS 14.5 all application developers need to get approval before using the iPhone user’s data for apps. It also cannot track what the user search is doing. Its clear point is that no app can track the online activity of the user. If the app wants to do this, it is mandatory to get approval from the user first.

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