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59 chinese apps ban: 'they' got a big benefit due to ban on chinese apps – ban on chinese apps resulting gain for facebook, youtube and other apps

Pankaj Doval, New Delhi

Ban on Chinese apps such as TikTok and Hello has benefited some. This ban has benefited American social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. The average time spent on Instagram has increased more than double (2.3 times) since the government banned 59 Chinese apps on June 30. Apart from this, there has been a good increase in the time spent on the social media platform Facebook.

Indian users turned to the second platform

The interesting thing is that the time spent by Indians on social media and video apps in one day has not declined much. This indicates that users have switched to new platforms. This has been said in a study by online insights measurement company Kantar. Kantar has given details of digital behavior patterns of online users since the ban on Chinese apps. Kantar's Web Audience Measurement (WAM) panel shows that the US Internet companies have reclaimed the market share loss due to the popularity and rapid growth of Chinese apps such as TicketLock.

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Time spent online reduced by only 6%

According to the analysis, 'Users were spending hours every week on these Chinese platforms, expecting the total time spent online to decline after not accessing these platforms. However, the average time spent online has fallen by only 6 per cent. Earlier it was 6 hours 37 minutes, which is now 6 hours 15 minutes. ' This indicates that users moved to competitive platforms at a much faster rate than expected. Instagram and Facebook have benefited immediately.

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Insta, Facebook and YouTube have a big advantage

The average time spent each day on Instagram increased from 16 minutes to 37 minutes. At the same time, the average time spent on Facebook increased from 30 minutes to 40 minutes. According to the study, the video platform dominated YouTube and has strengthened its position. According to Kantar's analysis, 'the time spent on the most popular video platform in the country has increased by 25%. The time spent on YouTube has increased from 57 minutes to 70 minutes.

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