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A second case occurred in AC Milan, footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic, born of coronavirus

There are variations from former Manchester UK and Barcelona striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic Coronavirus. Jalandan is now playing for AC Milan. He has been wary of Corona at a time when Bodo Glimt was scheduled to face AC Milan in the Europe League. However, there was a great match between Milan and Bodo Glimt on Thursday night and the match was won 3–2.

Jolandan was found Corona positive after Ibrahimovic’s second round swab test. Giving information about this, he wrote on Twitter, “I was 19 negative yesterday. I didn’t have symptoms. Covid has shown the courage to challenge me. Bad thing.” He tweeted this shortly before the match started. He did not play in this match.

Watch the tweet of Jalandan Ibrahimovic here

Team report negative

Earlier, defender Leo Duarte was found positive on Coronavirus on Tuesday and after that the entire team and staff were asked to undergo another test. Apart from a positive report, all team members and end staff reports have come in negative. This positive report is from Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Birthday on 5 October

Zlatan has been sparse due to reports coming positive, due to which he could not play the match and could not play any further. His birthday is coming on 5 October. He will be 39 years old. His absence makes the team a bit vulnerable as he covers a main center and is an excellent striker.

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