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‘A Year of Disruption in 2020 Content Landscape’: Anushka Sharma on Patal Lok and Bulbul Ruling OTT Space

For actor Anushka Sharma, 2020 was a great one. While she is over the moon due to her pregnancy, the superstar has also given India two of her best shows along with Patal Lok and Bulbul as they were talking about the nation. Anushka participates in the controversial production house, Clean Slate Films, along with her brother Kernesh Sharma and in Pandemic, the producer duo entertains the audience with their incredibly refreshing content offerings.

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Anushka says, “2020 has been a year of disruptions in the content landscape. With the epidemic, we were all forced to stay home and discover the material we really wanted to engage. Only, clutter breakers have managed to stand out as our tastes are only developing and we all want to see new and different ingredients. The star is thrilled that his productions have been celebrated by critics and audiences alike. She says, ‘We are happy that Clean Slate Films stands out with our bold decisions and managed to give the audience those two clutter-breaking projects with Patal Lok and Bulbul. We were really humble with the love and appreciation we got from the audience and critics. ‘

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Anushka is happy that the industry considers her a fearless producer. She says, ‘We have been trying to produce really unique, attractive and different materials from the very first day of our inception as a company. We have always told everyone loudly what they can always do next from clean slate films production. Our brand of cinema is extremely risky and we are committed to originality. 2021 will be no different for us and we are excited to share our line-up with people. Announcements will be premature. ‘

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli will welcome their first child in January 2021. The couple married in 2017 and recently celebrated their third anniversary. On their anniversary, Anushka shared an old candid picture of her.

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