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Aaron Finch says India-Australia competition is different in Tests and ODIs

Edited By Bharat Malhotra | | Updated: 30 Jun 2020, 01:58:00 PM IST

Finch spoke on India-Australia competition (PTI photo)

Prasad RS, Chennai

For the past few years, a tough match has been seen between India and Australia on the cricket field. There is thrill and interest of the audience in this match.

It is from the historic Test match played in Kolkata in 2001 that both teams get to see high quality matches. If initially Sachin Tendulkar, VVS Laxman and Rahul Dravid were the captains of Indian batting, now the round belongs to Virat Kohli & Co.

Australia's limited overs team captain Aaron Finch believes that whenever both teams are face to face, there is a sense of tough competition between them regardless of the format.

In an interview on Sony Network on Tuesday, he said, 'India and Australia are two very successful teams. Both these countries are very passionate about cricket… So in this way, the comparison between the two teams in ODIs and Tests cannot be compared.

He said, 'Cricket is a traditional form. There is a tough fight for five days… Every day there is a mental battle, while ODI, of course, requires more skills, but only for one day. If one or two players perform well in the field, you can win the match. It does not mean that competition is less important here or it is taken lightly because it is T20 or ODI. '

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