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Advice from veteran Michael Holding, focus on becoming a great fast bowler Joffra Archer – michael holding says jofra archer should focus on becoming a great not on outside noise

Edited By Tarun Vats | Agencies Updated: 24 Jul 2020, 06:19:00 PM IST

Jofra Archer recently broke the bio-secure protocol


The great West Indian fast bowler Michael Holding believes that Pacer Joffra Archer has the potential to become a great fast bowler and he should focus on his bowling instead of focusing on 'outside noise'. Archer has been included in the 14-member West Indies squad for the third Test. He was dropped from the team for the second test due to breaking the Bio-Secure protocol.

Archer had said that he was a victim of racial tirade on social media after breaking the bio-secure protocol after the first match of the series against West Indies. Holding told Sky Sports, “To be honest, I don't think it should be so difficult. He is part of the team that has just won a Test match. '

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He said, 'He has many friends in the England team. He is very close to Ben Stokes. He is a very positive person. They should stay busy in the team and forget about outside noise. Only by doing so can he become a great bowler. '

Jofra Archer breaks the  Covid-19protocol, will be acted upon: ECB DirectorJofra Archer breaks the Covid-19protocol, will be acted upon: ECB Director

Holding also admitted that it would not be easy to forget any kind of insult. He said, 'It is not easy. When people taunt you about your origin, your skin color, your religion. Insult you with your weight. It is not easy to ignore. Dealing with social media is not so easy but it is all about focusing on work. For this one has to be mentally strong. '

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