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Ahmedabad Police collects 15.20 lakh records on Sunday for wearing mask

Ahmedabad Although the lockdown is almost completely over in the country, there has been no change in one rule during the Coronavirus crisis and the prohibition of wearing face while leaving the house. However, in the last few days, it has been seen that people have started slacking on wearing clothes. In such a situation, the news that has come from Gujarat will be startling and will give a message to avoid being careless about clarifying the people.

The Gujarat government has stepped up attacks on violations of social distancing standards under which people who do not follow the guidelines will have to pay a fine of Rs 1000 instead of Rs 500, but the effect is not visible to the people. In Gujarat, an increase of 616 percent has been registered in cases of violation of the rules of social distancing.

On August 15, the government raised the fine
On August 15, the state government had financed for those who did not believe in social distancing and on the same day the police in Ahmedabad collected Rs 2.12 lakh as fine. Apart from this, new records were made on Sunday when the police collected Rs 15.20 lakh as fine as 1520 people violated the rules and did not wear them.

Expressing concern over this, City Control DGP Harshad Patel said that when people were caught, they made various excuses like someone said they don’t get rest in the faculty, someone complained of suffocation, some said That he had an infection despite wearing the style. On the other hand, the local people say that the police are putting a lot of fine on the people just to fulfill their target.

According to the Gujarat Health Ministry, there have been 33,725 corona infection cases in Ahmedabad and 172 new cases reported on Sunday. Apart from this, 1774 people have lost their lives here.

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