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AI-powered crypto trading app BlockBank for using API3’s data feeds »CryptoNinjas

API3, a provider providing decentralized and quantitatively secure data that feeds Web Web 3.0 apps, today announced its latest partnership with BlockBank, which allows BlockBank to API 3’s AirNode-enabled APIs And enables the use of DAPI (decentralized on-chain data feed).

BlockBank provides easy access to DIFA DAP, tools and tokens for generating yields, and has a Fiat on / off-ramp. Blockbank also provides AI services, initially automatically collecting information for users that are relevant to their investment. Blockbank has exclusive access to Skael’s AI technology and will have to be developed and improved for blockchain-based use cases.

The list of API3 uses of Airnode-enabled APIs and dAPI will help train and improve AI over time. As AI improves, it will be able to fill other roles, such as suggesting investment strategies or enabling the creation of intelligent limit orders based on the perceived magnitude of market movements.

The combination of an easy on-ramp for DeFi, as well as AI-driven advice, should help those new to DeFi explore its possibilities with ease. Working with API 3 will ensure that Blockbank can take advantage of the diversity of aerodode-enabled APIs in training their AIs; And API 3 also benefits from DAPI’s fully decentralized, CIBIL-resistant nature.

“Our strategic priority is to provide our users and devs with accurate data, which is a key layer on which we are building. This exciting and long-term partnership with API 3 will enable Blockbank to be highly reliable, transparent and most important of all; Decentralized data. In the near future, we aim to further strengthen decentralization as well as provide reliable data in our AI.
– Kedel D’Cruz, CEO of Blockbank

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