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Airtel: Airtel: Best plan with 2GB data every day, enjoy free calling too – airtel best plan offering daily 2gb data


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Telecom company Airtel is offering many great plans to users. However, users are nowadays liking the plans in which more daily data is offered. That is why here we are telling you about some Dhansu plans of Airtel, which offer 2 GB of data every day. The special thing of these plans is that in addition to free calling for any network, many other additional benefits are also available.

Rs 298 plan

In this plan, which comes with a validity of 28 days, a total of 56 GB of data is being given according to 2 GB of data every day. Unlimited calling is being given for any network in the plan. Subscribers of the plan are being given free subscription of Airtel Extreme Premium and G5 Premium. Cashback of Rs 150 is also being given on purchase of FASTag with free access to Wink Music.

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Rs 349 plan

True unlimited calling is being given in this plan which comes with 2 GB data daily. The validity of this plan with 100 free SMS daily is 28 days. Amazon Prime is being given a free subscription for 28 days in the plan. Apart from this, Airtel Extreme and G5 Premium App are being subscribed in the plan. In this plan, purchase of FASTag is also being given Rs. 150 cashback and free access to wink music.

Rs 449 plan

In this plan with a validity of 56 days, unlimited calling is being given to any network across the country. Every day 2 GB of data is being given in the plan. Airtel Extreme and G5 with 100 free SMS get free subscription. In this plan, you will also get a free subscription of Wink Music and a cashback of Rs 150 on the purchase of FASTag.

Rs 698 plan

In this plan of Airtel, 2 GB data is being given daily with a validity of 84 days. In this plan with Daily 100 free SMS, you also get unlimited calling for any network. Like other plans, it also gets a cashback of Rs 150 on purchase of FASTag with free subscription to Airtel Extreme Premium, G5 and Wink Music.

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