Airtel bringing cheap 4G smartphone in Jio’s competition

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On the lines of Reliance Jio, now Bharti Airtel is also preparing to bring cheap 4G smartphones. By doing this, the company wants to prevent India’s 2G users from joining Reliance Jio. For this, Airtel may soon partner with some smartphone companies. Let us know that a recent report had revealed that Reliance Jio may soon launch a cheaper 4G phone running on Android operating system. It is said that Airtel is also looking for local brands for partnership.

Devices will be locked and unlocked
According to the report by TelecomTalk, Airtel can bring both locked and unlocked smartphones with local brands in India. Locked devices are not very popular in India. At the same time, telecom operators in the US and many other western markets, along with smartphone companies, bring phones that come with tariff plans or monthly payment options. Now Bharti Airtel can also bring similar phones in India.

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Jio can put a dent in 2G users
Let us know that Reliance Jio is the only LTE based company, while Airtel and Vodafone Idea are GSM operators. In such a situation, Reliance Jio can make a dent in the 2G users of the other two companies by launching cheaper 4G smartphones with Google. This is the reason that Airtel is preparing to avoid such a situation.

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Airtel has tried before also
Let us know that Airtel has also made such an attempt in the past. The company launched the ‘My first smartphone’ program in partnership with local brand Celkon. Under this, Airtel was offering 4G smartphones at a cheaper price. Customers used to get a phone on making a down payment, after which they had to recharge the monthly to keep it active.

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