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Airtel Free Data Coupons Offer: Learn how to redeem and get free data


  • Free data coupons available in daily data plan
  • Data up to 6 GB is given in these free data coupons.
  • 1 GB data is available in a data coupon.

New Delhi
Airtel offers its customers ‘free data coupons’ under which prepaid subscribers can take advantage of free data up to 6 GB. Airtel has many unlimited combo prepaid plans. These plans with daily data start at Rs 219.

Under the free data coupon, customers get 6 vouchers of 1 GB of data according to their recharge pack. That is, if Airtel customers recharge Airtel’s unlimited combo plan with a validity of 28 days, then they will get two coupons with 1 GB data. Similarly, 6 vouchers will be available for plans with validity of 56 days and for plans with validity of 84 days.

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Airtel Rs 219, Rs 279, Rs 289, Rs 298, Rs 349, Rs 398 and Rs 448 plans get two data coupons for 28 days. 1 GB data is offered in every data coupon.

At the same time, on recharging the plan of Rs 399, Rs 449, Rs 558 and Rs 599, the company will get 4 coupons for 56 days. Every coupon comes with 1 GB of data.

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At the same time, recharge data plans of Rs 598 and Rs 698 get 6 data coupons for 84 days. 1 GB data is offered in every coupon.

Explain that after recharging any of these Airtel data coupons will be automatically credited to the customer’s account. Apart from this, to take advantage of these data coupons, it is necessary that the customer recharges through the Airtel Thanks mobile app. Let us know that the Airtel Thanks App can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

After recharging the Airtel mobile number, customers will be given data coupon information via SMS.

Bharti Airtel Free Data Coupons Offer: How to Redeem

Users can view and claim data coupons by going to the My Coupons section in the Airtel Thanks App. The validity of the coupon is written in the My Coupons section. Users can redeem coupons from this section. 1GB data coupons can be redeemed in the My Coupons section in the Airtel Thanks App. Keep in mind that the data has to be used within a day of claiming the coupon.

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