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Airtel Vodafone Idea minimum recharge plan benefits

Airtel Vodafone Idea: Airtel-Vodafone: Minimum Recharge Plan Expired, Is It Necessary To Take Or Not? – airtel vodafone idea minimum recharge plan benefits

Minimum Recharge Plan

Airtel And Vodafone-Idea made their prepaid plans expensive in December 2019. Along with this, these two companies also made the tariff of minimum recharge plans expensive. At the end of 2019, Airtel announced that it has now reduced the price of its minimum recharge to Rs 45, which used to be Rs 24 earlier. On the other hand, Vodafone-Idea has reduced the validity of its Rs. 24 minimum recharge by half. Now the question arises that is there really a need to recharge from these packs? Let’s know details:

These changes in the minimum recharge plan

Airtel’s smart recharge plans come at Rs 45, 49 and 79. At the same time, Vodafone has all-rounder plans of Rs 49 and Rs 79 to offer. Both companies are offering talk time of Rs 64 with 200MB of data in their 79 rupees plan. At the same time, 60 paise per minute is being charged in this plan for calling. In the Rs 49 plan, 100MB data is being offered with talk time of Rs 38.52. For calling, the company will also have to pay 2.5 paise per second in this plan. The validity of both these plans is 28 days.

If you talk about Airtel’s Rs 45 plan, then no data or calling benefit is being given in it. In this plan with a validity of 28 days, users will have to pay 2.5 paise per second for calling. On the other hand, Vodafone-Idea’s 24-rupee plan now comes with only 14 days validity instead of 28 days. In this, users get 100 minutes for calling on-net (Vodafone-Idea network) which can be used between 11 am and 6 am. Due to the validity of 14 days, users now need to recharge this plan twice a month.

Minimum recharge plan is better for which users

Unlimited plans of Airtel and Vodafone-Idea start at Rs 149 after tariff hike. This plan, which comes with a validity of 28 days, offers 2GB data with unlimited calling, free SMS. In such a situation, for those users who do not want to spend more than Rs 100 every month for telecom service, only the option of minimum recharge plan is left.

It is a matter of relief here that both these telecom companies have made their cheap talk time plans available again. These plans are priced at Rs 20, Rs 50 and Rs 100. The Rs 49 plan for minimum recharge can be said to be the best for most users. After the end of talk time of Rs 38.52 in the plan, users can recharge for 20, 50 or 100 talk-time plans for calling.

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