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Ajinkya Rahane considers wife Radhika as a motivator, love story is very filmy

Indian players were strongly welcomed on their return home. His fans in Mumbai had made a lot of preparations to welcome Ajinkya Rahane as well. During this time his wife Radhika was also present with Rahane. Rahane had adopted his daughter.

History created under Rahane’s captaincy

The players of the Indian cricket team, who created history by winning two consecutive Test series in the first innings in Australia, returned home on Thursday. Team India won the series 2–1 by defeating Australia by 3 wickets in the fourth and final Test match at Brisbane on Tuesday under the captaincy of Ajinkya Rahane. In this way, the Border-Gavaskar Trophy was retained.

Red carpet for Rahane, flower showers

Indian players were strongly welcomed on their return home. Rahane had a great reception at his home in Mumbai amidst a drum, red carpet and a splash of flowers. His fans, who came to welcome Rahane, looking very calm, also clicked photos with his favorite player. During this, Rahane was also present with his wife Radhika. Rahane had adopted his daughter.

The film is Rahane and Radhika’s love story

Indian cricketers Ajinkya Rahane and Radhika Dhopavkar’s love story is very filmy. Rahane and Radhika studied in the same school. At the same time, the two had a friendship which later turned into love. Ajinkya and Radhika lived nearby and often met. After a round of meetings, the two fell in love with each other and told the families about it. Then became each other forever.

Married in 2014


Ajinkya and Radhika tell their families that the two love each other and want to get married. Marathi Brahmin Ajinkya and Radhika got married on 26 September 2014.

Rahane reached his own wedding wearing a jeans-t-shirt

He might not want to remember Rahane’s wedding too. In one show, Rahane told that he had reached Radhika’s house with friends and relatives by wearing a T-shirt and jeans at his wedding. Radhika got very angry seeing him in such a dress and she started staring at him. Later Rahane realizes the mistake. However, he said that he did not have time to buy clothes for himself then.

Radhika believes that Motivator

Rahane, who got rid of opponents’ sixes on the cricket field, considers his wife Motivator Radhika the same. He often says that Radhika always supported him. Both are childhood friends and understand each other well.

Radhika stays away from glamor

Radhika loves to live a simple life and seems far from glamor. She is also not very active on social media. He has 3.7 lakh followers on Instagram. At the same time, the wives of some other star Indian cricketers have many followers on social media. Radhika is rarely seen in parties and events. She describes herself as a homemaker.

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