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all rounders in cricket: I was a better athlete than Imran Khan, Ian Botham and Richard Headley: Kapil Dev – i was a better athlete than imran khan ian botham and richard hadlee says kapil dev

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I was the best athlete among the four: Kapil Dev

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There was a round in cricket for all-rounders. At that time, Sir Ian Botham from England, Sir Richard Headley from New Zealand, Imran Khan from Pakistan and Kapil Dev from India were named in the quartet of all-rounders. There were comparisons and a kind of competition was seen. They all achieved different milestones and gave many memorable performances for their respective countries.

India's World Cup winning captain Kapil Dev said in a recent podcast that he was a better athlete than the other three all-rounders.

These four all-rounders dominated in the 1970s and 80s. In terms of figures, Kapil seems to be at the forefront of all this.

Although Kapil Dev admitted that he was not a superb athlete but undoubtedly he was the best athlete among these four. The 61-year-old former captain praised the abilities of the other three all-rounders. He called Sir Headley the best bowler and Imran Khan the most hardworking player.

Kapil said, 'Richard Headley was the best bowler among the four of us. He was like a computer. I would not say that Imran Khan was the best athlete or the most natural but he was the hardest player.

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