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South superstar Allu Arjun talks about his films and debut in Bollywood

Allu Arjun: Wondering what movies to do in Bollywood: Allu Arjun – south superstar allu arjun talks about his films and debut in bollywood

South’s film industry superstars Allu Arjun Also recognized as the most stylish actor. Arjun’s new film ‘Ala Vaikunthapuramulu’ is being released on this Pongal. Arjun’s opposite in the film Pooja Hegde And from this film Tabu Tamil film is returning to the industry after a long time. Recently, a grand musical concert of film songs was organized in Hyderabad. Where Arjun met us Bollywood Talked about debut, films and personal life:

After Bahubali, there has been a line between Bollywood and South Industry, it seems to be ending. You believe

Yes, the line that was there has faded. Now people like thinking inspiring movies. Giving priority to films with good content. Actors who are not big stars are earning well for this reason. Uri and indiscriminate examples. If the content also comes from South Industry, then people are accepting it. We are in an era where the mindset of the audience is very open. This is a golden opportunity for all of us.

Fans of the North are eager to see you in Bollywood. When will their wait be over?

I want to do Bollywood films myself. But confuse what kind of film will I do there? Because those who are my fans there, I like my typical action-packed films, do the same or should I do the film whose culture is in Bollywood? By the way, small offers keep coming, but so far no one has come on whom I can think seriously.

In the South, you are also called as the stylish actor. Ever feel the pressure about this tag that you have to be presentable all the time?
No i don’t take pressure Actually I do not live dress up all the time. I only pay attention to this during public function. Otherwise, at home or anywhere I will be seen in casual comfortable dressage. The other thing is that whatever I select, it becomes stylish.

So good storytelling films have reduced star power?
No, if the star comes up with a better content, then there cannot be tremendous juggling with it. Take the example of Dangal, it also has a star and excellent script. No one can touch the height that Dangal has attained. I believe this. If the film comes with an average content then it will do normal business.

Fans of stars in the South have a different craze, why can’t a fan base be made in Bollywood?
The culture of the South is quite different from the rest. The stars feel attached to the fan because the language is the same. But Bollywood’s reach is in the corner of the country. There are people of different mindset, so it becomes a little difficult to influence them.

Your new film Ala Vaikunthapuramulu is ready for release. How excited or nervous?
Earlier I used to be nervous about films but now I am not nervous at all. Now it seems that there is no point in being nervous. The film has been made and now nothing can happen. We should focus on publicity and marketing by finishing whatever work is left. Promote the film and make it public. See, the result cannot change because the product that has been created will remain the same.

What matters more to you? Critic Review or Box Office Collection?
Box office collections as a whole, the reviews do not give you revenue (laughs).

How much does South’s superhit dubbed films have on Bollywood’s business?
I do not agree that South’s dubbed films will have any impact on the Bollywood business. It would be a very big thing to say. Yes, I would say that the genres of South films are preferred all over the country, which is less seen in Bollywood. This is the reason why dubbed movies also do a lot of business.

South’s actors have been heavily influenced by politics. Planning to join politics in future?
No, never, I believe that politics is not in my hands.

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