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Amazing amazing! Now the screen of the phone will investigate Corona, the scientists of this country made this great innovation

Corona did not give the world a chance to understand and recover, millions of people lost their lives in the epidemic. But now scientists have discovered more than one innovation to identify it. A recent innovation may surprise you too. In fact, scientists have developed a low-cost and non-invasive method that can detect COVID-19 flawlessly and rapidly with the help of samples collected from the screen of a smartphone.

Swab will be checked from the phone screen

  • Researchers at University College London (UCL) in the UK discovered a way to test swabs from mobile phone screens, rather than directly from people, using an approach known as phone screen testing (PoST).
  • They determined that people who tested positive for regular eye swabbing PCR tests were also found to be COVID positive when their samples were collected from smartphones.

New technology as accurate as antigen test
The new approach, described in the journal eLife on Tuesday, detected the coronavirus on the mobile phones of 81% to 100% of infectious people with high viral loads, meaning it is as accurate as the antigen test.

Will help in quick identification of corona
The researchers noted that globally active screening for COVID-19 is still a priority as new variants continue to emerge and vaccination rollouts are not guaranteed in many countries.

This method is less expensive than PCR

  • “However, testing is expensive and can be physically unpleasant, both of which are significant obstacles in the way of an effective test and trace system,” the researchers said.
  • According to the researchers- Since phone screen testing (PoST) is an environmental test, rather than a clinical test, it is non-invasive and less expensive than conventional nasal swabbing PCR.

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Suitable for low-income countries
This means that it is not only suitable for rollout in low-income countries, but it also removes the hassle of current COVID-19 testing options, the researchers explain, which could potentially lead to regular testing among the general population. can be increased.

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