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Amazing button is hidden in the back of iPhone, many people do not know use

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Apple has added a new button to its iPhone smartphones, which very few users are aware of. The company has not only released software updates through its latest operating system iOS 14, but has also added a hardware feature. However, if you are thinking that the company has given a physical button, it is not so.

Actually, Apple has released a feature called Back Tap. Through this, the back panel of the iPhone has been touch sensitive. That is, the back panel of your iPhone is converted into a button. Users can get a lot of work done from the phone by tapping on the back panel. The special thing is that for this you do not have to tap any particular part of the back panel, but the entire back panel itself turns into a button. This feature was not discussed much, so most users are unaware of it.

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How to use this feature
To use this amazing feature, first you have to go into the settings of the phone and turn on the Back Tap feature. For this, go to Settings in Accessibility and then go to the Touch section. On going down a bit, you will see the Back Tap option. Turn it on.

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Now you will be given two options – Double Tap and Triple Tap. After choosing one of these options, you will be given a list of some features, which you will be able to access through the back panel. For example, if you choose the Lock Screen option, you can lock the screen by tapping on two or three on the back panel. Similarly, if you want, you can also take a screenshot from the back panel.

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