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Amazing new feature on Whatsapp, now there will be a holiday for those who are messaging

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A number of features have recently been launched by the messaging platform WhatsApp and are being tested. To improve overall user experience, a new version of Archived Chats is coming under the name of ‘Real Later’ feature on this app owned by Facebook. Details related to what is the Real Later feature in WhatsApp and how it will work will be revealed soon. Users will be able to select the Read Later option for select contacts.

With the help of Read Later feature, users will be able to mute selected chats for the desired time. Reports have revealed that this feature will work largely like the Vacation Mode, on which the company has been working for a long time. The major difference between the existing Archived Chat option and the new feature is that after selecting a contact in Read Later, a notification will not be received when a new message arrives. While the chat message is archived, a notification is received as soon as the new message arrives.

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How will Read Later?
If you do not want to read the messages of any contact or do not want to chat with it, then you have to add the contact in the Read Later option. After this, any kind of notification from that contact will not bother you. The new feature will make the users experience better on the app and they will not have to bother due to unnecessary messages. Users will be able to enable or disable the Read Later option anytime of their choice. Soon the official details related to this will be shared.

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When will the new feature be available?
WhatsApp tests any feature with beta users before rolling out any feature. The Read Later option is also seen on WhatsApp Beta for iOS version This feature is being tested now and can be rolled out soon for Android users as well. The company can bring the new Read Later feature to all users by the beginning of next year.

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