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Amyra Dastur refuses Luviena Lodh’s drug charge, considers legal action

new Delhi: Actress Amaira Dastur’s legal representative has denied the claims of actress Luvina Lodh that Amaira used to purchase drugs. A statement issued by her lawyer announced that Amayra is considering legal remedies against such allegations.

On Friday, actress Luvina Lodh released an Instagram video statement announcing that she had sought divorce from filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt’s nephew Sumit Sabharwal, as she had alleged that, she had discovered that Sabarwal was a drug addict and women directors Was supposed to supply. Luvina said that Bhatt, who was aware of all this, has been harassing her and her family ever since.

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Amidst the claims made in her video, Luvina said: “I applied for divorce to know that he (Sumit Sabharwal) supplies drugs to actors like Amaira Dastur and Sapna Pabbi.

Amaira’s legal team has now responded to the allegations:

“We refer to the statement regarding our client ‘Ms. Amaira Dastur’ AAA ‘Ms. Amy Dastur’. According to a video recently released by Ms. Luvina Lodh. As per the instructions and on behalf of our client, it Explained. The above video contains false statements relating to our client and our client is sure that the same has been published for the purpose of harming and harming, hurting and harming our client’s reputation, “Advocate Read a statement signed by Sevana Bedi Sachar on behalf of Amaira Dastur.

“Our client has completely refuted all such statements citing the above video as being completely false, baseless and malicious and reserves his right to seek all remedies available in law and equity. Our client It also says that this is very unfortunate. The statement said that people resort to such baseless attacks and condemn them.

On Wednesday, after Luvina released her video, a statement was issued on behalf of filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, legal counsel for Vishesh Films.

“In the context of a video released by Laveena Lodhi. We, on behalf of our client Mahesh Bhatt, deny the allegations. Such allegations are not only false and defamatory, but have serious consequences in law. Our client is thus Will take action. Law as per the advice, “the statement issued by Bhatt and posted on the verified Instagram account of Vishesh Films.

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