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Android Emojis: 117 new 'funny' emoji coming in Android phones, see in pictures – android users to get 117 new emojis with android 11 update, see in pictures

2020 Emojis

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There is good news for Android smartphone users as 117 new emojis are coming soon to improve their chatting experience. These have been included in the Android 'beta test' version and can be rolled out soon. Users will also get new Emoji with Andoroid 11. This is the latest Android version of Google.

If you are using a new Android phone, you will also get 117 new emoji along with the new Android version. These emojis have received approval from the California regulator Unicode Constrarium. Gender neutral emojis have been included in the new 2020 list and in addition to gender neutral Santa, a man wearing velor is also seen. Apart from this, emoji of the man feeding the baby is also in the list.


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Other details revealed

Companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft incorporate stylish emojis according to the design of their operating systems, but the emojis present in all of them are approved by Unicode Construct. Apart from this, details about the new emoji and other information are given in the Unicode Constraints website Emojipedia.


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Update by the end of 2020

“Emoji are adding 117 new emojis as part of Emoji 13.0 and on most platforms these emojis will be released by the end of 2020,” it says on the website. Along with this, emojis of many new animals, fruits and vegetables have also been included in this list. With the help of the Gender Neutral Emoji, it has been an honor to honor all kinds of sexuality.

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