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App stole photos from social media, thousands of girls’ nude, viral on telegram

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It does not take any time for any new technology to be misused and something similar is being seen with Artificial Intelligence ie AI. Deepfake was first prepared with the help of AI and even worse is that DeepNudes are now being made from his pictures without anyone getting the news. With the help of this technology, the face of another can be put in a video or photo in such a way that it looks absolutely real. Now thousands of young girls have become victims of this, whose nude photos are viral.

Thousands of girls are being stolen from social media and edited with the help of DeepNude app and software and are being converted into nude photos. A report by Sensity has revealed details related to it and how the target girls are not even aware of it and most of them are under 18 years of age. The report says that such nudes of more than 1 lakh girls are being made viral. About 70 percent of the photos shared were taken from personal social media accounts.

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The game is happening on telegram
The messaging app Telegram remains the way to spread nude images. According to intelligence company Sensity, ‘deepfake bot’ tech is being used to create such nude photos. These bots make computer-generated and real-looking nudes with the help of real life emails. This same technique was also used to create fake porn videos of syllabes. Sensex chief executive Giorgio Patrini said that public social media is the new target these days and after celebrities, nudes are being created from normal public accounts.

Makes nudes for free
In the report, he said that to ‘take off’ a normal image, the user only has to upload the target’s photo. After this, the bot processes the image with the help of Artificial Intelligence and converts it to Nude. This bot is available for free in Telegram in the private messaging channel and any user can send a girl’s image and get her nude in return and share it with anyone of their choice. The report said that between July 2019 to 2020, 104,852 girls’ nudes have been prepared in this way and the same is going on.

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