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Apple to launch cheaper AirPods and smart speakers soon

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Apple, the world’s most popular tech company, is going to launch cheaper entry-level AirPods soon, which will look similar to the current AirPods in terms of design. At present, the cost of AirPods Pro is more than 20 thousand rupees, which is expensive for AirPods lovers and people are getting earbuds from other companies at a lower price. Apple is also making Second Generation AirPods Pro in addition to entry-level AirPods, which is with a better and compact design. Apple may also launch new smart speakers in the coming time.

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What will be special in entry level AirPods
Apple’s entry-level AirPods may look similar to AirPods in terms of design, but the sound quality will not be the same, as well as features such as noise cancellation. However, battery backup is likely to be better. It is believed that Apple’s entry level AirPod will be launched in April or May 2021. Apple has recently launched the iPhone 12 series of smartphones, which are very good in terms of price and features.

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Battery backup more

Second Generation AirPods Pro will be better
Talking about Apple AirPods second generation, its design will be compacted and some changes will also be seen in it. Its design will be rounded to fit the user’s ear. It is believed that similar earbuds have been launched by Samsung, Amazon and Google in recent times, some similar earpods will also be seen in Pro Second Generation.

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Apple Cheaper AirPods Launch Soon 1

Apple may launch many new products in the coming time

Apple’s headphones will be launched soon
There are also reports that Apple is also working on plans to launch Over the Year headphones in the coming time, which will be named AirPods Studio. Many features will be seen in this Apple headphone, which is seen in expensive headphones. Also, special comfort and sound quality will also be taken care of. It will have a USB Type-C port.

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