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Apple's challenge, take free iPhone and show it by hacking – apple giving free iphone to hackers under security research device program

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Every smartphone company wants to stay away from hacking. At the same time, giant technology company Apple is inviting hackers to hack their iPhone. Not only this, the company is also offering free iPhone for this. Actually, the company has brought Apple Security Research Device Program. Under this, the company will give a modified iPhone to white hat hackers (who do not act as intended to harm the company) or to ethical hackers. Under the program, hackers will have to find any shortcomings in the Apple iOS operating system.

Apple stated, 'This program has been designed due to Apple's commitment to security. This will help improve the security of iOS users, bring more researchers to the iPhone and improve the functionality of those already working on iOS security. ' The company said that hackers will be given iPhones specially designed for security research. These special iPhones will be pre-jailbroken, ie any type of software or tool can be used in them.

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Phone will not be available for personal use

To qualify the program, the researcher must be an existing member of the Apple developer program and have a track record of finding security flaws in Apple platforms or other modern operating systems.

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Apple also said that the accompanying iPhone device should only be used for security research. According to Apple, 'Shell access is available in the phone, and you will be able to run any tool. The phone will be given on a 12-month renewal basis and will remain the property of Apple itself.

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