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Australia vs India: 100th match between the two teams, Indian challenge to Australian dominance since 2001

The second Test match of the Border-Gavaskar Series 2020-21 is being played in Melbourne between India and Australia. Australia have decided to bat by winning the toss in the Boxing Day Test. This is the 100th Test match between the two teams.

In the world of cricket in the last few years, all eyes are on the matches between these two teams. People look at them with great curiosity. There is stiff competition between them. The match being played from today is the 100th Test match between these two and also it is the 50th match between them in Australia.

Australia has the upper hand in the matches so far

Looking at the 99 matches held so far, India has won 28 matches and Australia has won 43 matches. There have been 27 draws and a match tie has also taken place.

Strong figures on home grounds

Looking at these figures, it is also clear that the performance of both the teams on the home grounds gets much better. Australia has won 30 of the 49 matches between the two teams and India has won seven. There are 12 draws. At the same time, India has won 21 and Australia has won 13 out of 50 matches. 15 matches are drawn and 1 match is tie.

The first match 73 years ago, India got its first win after 12 years

Cricket competition between India and Australia started 73 years ago. The first Test match between the two was played from 28 November 1947. The match took place in Brisbane. India lost the match by an innings and 226 runs. India had lost 0–4 in this five-match series. Vijay Hazare and Veenu Makand had scored centuries. India achieved its first win against Australia in 1959 in Kanpur. This was the 10th match between these two teams. In the same match, Jasu Patel took 14 wickets for 124 runs.

Australia’s upper hand in initial matches, India return after 2001

Australia had the upper hand in the opening matches. Out of the first 20 he won 13 and lost only two bouts. After this, the Indian team started catching. By 2000, Australia had won 28 matches against India and India had 11. But after 2001, the Indian team strengthened itself. Since 2001, India has won 17 and Australia have won 15 matches.

Emphasis on home

In the last 20 years, both teams have played a strong game on home grounds. Australia have an 11-4 record in 21 Test matches and India have won 13 of the 21 home matches and lost four.

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