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Australia vs India: Ajinkya Rahane has a chance to get out from Virat Kohli’s ‘Chhaya’

Arani Basu
When Virat Kohli went to play in Australia, it was a big topic for everyone in Australian cricket. Every step of his action is seen, written about and sold for sponsors to increase the enthusiasm in the series against India. He is like a showstopper in a pay-per-view boxing event.

This time, however, Kohli has just one week left to make an impression in the series. After the ODI and T20 series, Virat will play only the opening Test match in the Test series, then return home on Paternity Leave.

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Ajinkya Rahane is forever battling the image of a supporting actor for Kohli’s superhero-like personality. He gets a chance to emerge as a senior player in the team. He will lead India in the last three Tests of a difficult series, which is like riding a jackpot horse.

“I believe in living in the moment,” Rahane said at the press conference ahead of the day-night test. Whatever happens in the series, it will be known as Rahane’s team. Still, he does not want to talk about how he plans to lead the team next week. He will wait for Kohli to leave, only after which he will make a plan.

He said, ‘Virat is our captain for this test right now. We are only thinking about this test and helping Virat here. Once he leaves, we will discuss our plans.

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The publicity and discussion at the Australian team camp shows that this is Kohli’s Test match at the moment. Australia coach Justin Langer spent a lot of time explaining to the media how his team’s players are telling Kohli how to prevent him from being set for the rest of the series.

Rahane has previously led India in two Tests. His first experience of captaincy came in a decisive Test against Australia in Dharamsala in 2017 but Kohli has tried to build a brand from his team. A brand that has always thought of never backing down. Aggression lasts for a long time.

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He described the team’s aggression differently. He said, ‘Intensity is not about going there and playing your shots. When you’re defending or dropping the ball, it’s still about your mindset. ‘

His form in Test cricket has not been much better in the last two years. Rahane claims that he worked on his fitness and mental strength during the lockdown.

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