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Australia vs India – Penn will not back down if needed, Indian captain’s different opinion on sparring

The Corona Epidemic 2020 has taught people different things. Indian captain Virat Kohli realized what a pointless chanting is and he promised that ‘unnecessary things will be thrown out’ during the upcoming Test series against Australia. At the same time, his Australian counterpart Tim Paine says that if he needs it during the match, he will not back down.

This unnecessary thing:
On the eve of the first Test match, Kohli said, ‘I think this year due to the epidemic people have realized a lot of things that may not have been needed before, in which you have a complaint or between teams or individuals. There is unnecessary tension which is completely meaningless. ‘

Penn however agreed that there was no need to be aggressive but he and his players would not back down if needed. He said, ‘Yes, see, as far as the inside of the field is concerned, we will have to wait and see.’ Penn said, ‘You definitely can’t go planning or do anything extra aggressive or something like that. We go to the ground and try to walk as per our plan.

No need to be personal:
The Indian captain, however, feels that if one is aggressive, one does not need to be personal. He said, “You are still professional and make sure that you remain positive and be aggressive in your physical gestures and how you do things in the field.”

Kohli said, ‘But I don’t think things will be as personal as they used to be earlier because we all understand that we are contributing to the larger cause. And in the end I will exclude the unnecessary things myself. ‘ But Penn conceded that sometimes things get aggressive on the field. And if that happens, he said, “There is no doubt that this team will not step back.”

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