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Away due to Hansal Mehta’s cousin’s COVID-19, the director said, ‘The situation in Gujarat is more than worsening’

Filmmaker Hansal Mehta on Wednesday took to social media to mourn the demise of Kovid’s close cousin. Mehta’s cousin was a resident of Ahmedabad. The filmmaker claimed that Kovid’s situation in Gujarat was actually worse than what was reported by the media.

Mehta tweeted, “Lost an extremely close cousin in Covid-19in Ahmedabad. His wife is also serious. The situation in Gujarat is terrible.”

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Commenting on her post, netizens expressed condolences.

Actor Rahul Dev commented, “Dear Hansal … condolences to Om Shanti.”

Actress Sayani Gupta said that many other states including West Bengal are going through a difficult situation.

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She wrote: “It is with so many states. West Bengal is also in a scary state, but apparently it will not be in the news because election rallies with millions of people are more important.”

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