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Axie Infinity players buy two homes in the Philippines with in-game profits

An Axi Infinity player from the Philippines bought two houses with his earnings from the popular crypto-powered play-to-earnings game.

Earlier this month, 22-year-old John Aaron Ramos, who plays under the pseudonym “Magnus TV”, took to social media to announce that he had bought two homes in the Philippines from the profits earned by playing Axi Infinity.

In the post, Ramos attributes the purchase to the rising price of Axis’s in-game token Smooth Love Potion (SLP), which rallied from $ 9,35 to 940% on April 24, to more than $ 0.364. . SLP retreated 45% and finally. Roughly changed hands for $ 0.20.

“I believed AXIE’s ability could lift us, I conducted an SLP, noticed the trend of the AXIE community and did some research. […] Then I played with enough money to buy two houses and a team for the price of SLP. ”

Players of Axie Infinity can earn SLP through the game’s PVP battle arena, where players fight their Axies – Pokemon-inspired creatures that are bred in the game and represented as incurable tokens.

SLP currently ranks as the 428th largest crypto asset by capitalization with $ 81 million, trading over $ 45 million in the last 24 hours.

In addition to SLP, Axie players also have opportunities to earn the game’s governance token, AXS. AXS tokens have also recently seen meteorites, starting to get tokens from $ 5,14 to $ 7.14 to $ 7.30 in six months.

Ramos participated in Yield Guild Games’ “Sponsor-A-Scholar” event, which encourages sponsors to donate SLPs to XP players located in countries where the set-up costs associated with playing XE Infinity are many potential users. Can prove to be comparable to.

Axi Infinity reportedly became popular in the Philippines in late 2020, as people looked for alternative ways to make money after losing their jobs due to an epidemic.

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