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Baldness broke me mentally: Akshay Khanna

Baldness broke me mentally: Akshay Khanna

Best of bollywood Actors are bold, for a leading young actor in the film industry, the problem of hair loss is very big. Akshay started losing his hair since he was 20, but he never used a wig or any kind of cap to hide his bold look in his real life. Generally, he never spoke to the media about this.

Akshay, who was struggling with the problem of baldness at a young age, was losing confidence, but he did not stop working on his acting skills. Akshay says, “The problem of hair loss started with me at a very young age, for me it was just like the fingers of a piano playing artist getting over or getting up in the morning when reading a news paper. Try and have a sudden problem reading, he needs glasses to see clearly. ‘

Akshay further says, ‘Over time however, the feeling of the same feeling that comes from such shortcomings gradually fades away, as if I am no longer troubled by my bold look. Just think, if there is a sportsman and he suddenly finds that his knees are not working and he needs surgery, this idea is like a heartbreak, do not know how long the player stay away from his game from this incident. Lying. Similarly, for an actor, his look is very important, especially the face part, if it was about the body, he could be hidden in some way, but the face and the head, that too at the age of 20 hair Fall of, the appearance of a bold look kills you mentally. ‘

You never tried to hide or cover your look, there are many actors who still cover the bold look today. In response, Akshay says, ‘Everyone has their choice in this matter, being a young actor, being bolted has affected my self confidence very much.’ Akshay’s recent release was ‘Sab Kushal Mangal’, making his debut with Ravi Kishan’s daughter Reva Kishan and Padmini Kolhapure’s son Priyank Sharma.

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