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ban chinese apps in realme: ban chinese apps were pre-installed in realme's new phones, CEO said- 'will not get anymore' – realme phones had pre-installed banned chinese apps, an update will let you delete these

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Many budget and midrange phones have been launched this year by Realme, which is making a place in the Indian smartphone market with a lot of new devices. Realme C11, the budget phone of C-series launched by the company, had many Chinese apps pre-installed and these apps have been banned in India. After disclosing this thing on social media, the company has said that by giving a software update, an option will be given to remove these apps from the phone.

Realme CEO Madhav Seth said in a statement in the past, “In our new Realme 6i and other Reality smartphones, no apps included in the list of banned apps will be pre-installed.” The company is going to give updates in the beginning of August to the reality phones which have banned Chinese apps installed. After getting this update, users will be able to delete those apps from their phones. At the moment, they were not getting the option to delete due to being pre-installed.

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Will delete feature

Madhav said in his statement, 'Users who are worried about the system's clean up storage, let us know that we will remove this feature from the beginning of August by releasing the OTA updates for all of them.' He said that if users need such a feature, then they can take help of any third party app. Let me tell you, this feature worked with the help of the banned app Clean Master, users raised questions about this feature on social media.

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Poco will also remove apps

Last month, 59 Chinese apps were banned by the Indian government. The list of banned apps includes top social media platforms such as Tiktok, WeChat and Helo to shopping apps like Shein and Club Factory. After the ongoing tension on the India and China border, the government had banned the apps in view of the privacy and data safety of the users. A similar statement has been given by Xiaomi's brand Poco to remove ban apps.

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