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Battery life of smartphone is reduced, so boost in this way, do not make these mistakes


  • Want to increase the battery life of your smartphone?
  • This information will increase the battery life of your phone

One of the most important features of the smartphone is the battery. If the battery of the smartphone goes bad then the smartphone also becomes dead. In such a situation, users need to pay more attention to the battery consumption of the smartphone. Because a lot depends on how you use your smartphone. At the same time, more important is how you charge it. If you want to increase the battery life of your smartphone, then we are giving you some information that will increase the battery life of your phone.

Never allow the phone’s battery to be zero: Whenever you see your phone’s battery at 20 percent, then immediately put it on charging. Never let your smartphone battery be completely discharged.
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Always use slow charging and low watt charging adapter: Fast charging is a feature that provides the facility of fast charging the phone. But it is not necessary that it will always be used. Using the 5W adapter will definitely take time to charge the phone, but it will make the battery last longer.

Do not charge the phone overnight: Many smartphones are fully charged in 90 minutes. In this case, it is not right to charge the phone all night. Over-charging the phone has a poor effect on the health of the phone’s battery.

Do not always charge 100 percent: It is not necessary that the phone battery is charged 100 percent every time. It is right to charge the phone up to 90 percent. This increases the battery life of the phone.

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Use power saving mode when you are not playing games: Power saving mode does not work only when the battery is low, but this mode can be used even when you are not playing games or any important multitasking work. Not doing If you are not doing all this then you turn on the power saving mode which will help to improve the battery of your phone.

Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth if not needed: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth eliminate the battery of the phone. Keeping them open always affects the phone’s battery. In such a situation, turn them off when not needed.

Avoid using wireless reverse charging feature: Wireless reverse charging is a feature that should be used only when it is very much needed. Always using this feature drains the phone’s battery life quickly.
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Do not use un official chargers and charging cables: Always charge your phone with its original charger. Charging with another or fake charger can heat the phone’s battery and reduce its life.

Do not use a poor quality power bank: Always be sure about the power rating and brand when using the power bank. Use only good quality power bank. Avoid using cheap and useless quality power bank to charge your phone.

Delete useless apps: To improve the battery life of the phone, you delete the useless apps which are not used in the phone. Also go to settings and turn off background app refresh.

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