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Battery will be charged according to your schedule, this feature of Oppo phone is amazing

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The battery of the smartphone is also more important than the features like camera and display required for the smartphone users. Different smartphone brands understand this and that is why companies are offering more capacitive batteries, as well as focusing on charging speed. In such a situation, OPPO’s ColorOS also gives its users a special charging technology with a good battery saving mode, which not only increases the backup of the battery, but also increases its life.

Battery will be charged according to schedule
Some users often worry that prolonged charging will damage their batteries. Oppo’s ColorOS 11 features a battery guard. It uses AI to learn the battery guard’s charging habits. You may sleep for the whole night by plugging in the phone charger, but the battery stops charging after charging up to 80%. When the user is about to get up as per their routine, charging starts again. With this, when the user wakes up in the morning, the phone gets 100% charge.

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Super power mode
Similarly, special super power mode has also been given in ColorOS 11. This mode can be used when the battery is low in the phone. When this mode is activated, a maximum of 6 apps will be used in the phone. You can decide those 6 apps yourself. According to the company, if there is 5 percent battery left in the phone, then you can use an app like WhatsApp for 90 minutes through super power mode.

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Such features in other companies
Likewise, Xiaomi also offers an ultra battery saver mode, which increases standby time by up to 25 times. Google also offers an extreme battery saver mode on its Pixel smartphone, while Samsung has a maximum power saving mode, and various other brands are also working on similar battery modes.

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