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BCCI AGM Meeting: 2 new teams to join IPL 2022, decision taken in BCCI AGM meeting

A major decision has been taken at the meeting of the BCCI AGM (Annual General Meeting). Now two new teams will join the IPL. It was being speculated for the last several days, but today it has been approved in the BCCI annual meeting. But the two new teams will be part of the IPL not to be held in 2021 but in 2022. With this, another major decision has been taken in the meeting. All first class cricketers will be compensated due to Corona. This compensation will be given to both men and women.

Two new teams sealed
“Two new teams will be introduced in the 2022 IPL,” a board source told PTI. In addition, it was decided that due to the COVID-19 epidemic all first-class players (men and women) would be compensated appropriately for the appropriate domestic season. The BCCI plans to start its domestic season after a delay of several months with the Syed Mushtaq Ali T20 Championship in January.

BCCI AGM may seal 10 teams in IPL, likely to be implemented from 2022 season

Rajiv Shukla got the post
Along with this, senior Congress leader Rajiv Shukla has been elected as the Deputy Chairman of the Board. He will replace Mahim Verma who used to come from Uttarakhand. With this, it has been decided in the meeting that Saurabh Ganguly will continue to be the director of the ICC Board.

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There was apprehension already
A senior BCCI official had said on the condition of confidentiality, “You have to call the tender and prepare the bidding process. If two teams win the bid by the end of January or the beginning of February, they should be given time for the auction, which may be held in March. In such a situation, there will be very little time to plan for a new franchise.

Such Will happen The schedule
Ten teams will host 94 matches in the IPL, which will require about two and a half months, which can lead to chaos in the international cricket calendar. Along with this, the availability of top foreign players should be ensured for the entire duration of the IPL.

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