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bcci expects icc to announce t20 world cup postponement on monday

T20 World Cup can postponement: International Cricket Council meeting is to be held on Monday. The BCCI hopes that the final decision on the T20 World Cup will be taken in this meeting and the avenues will be opened for the IPL.

| PTI Updated: 19 Jul 2020, 03:08:00 PM IST

  • Trouble over T20 World Cup and Indian Premier League event
  • It is expected that a decision will be taken in the ICC board meeting to be held on Monday.
  • Corona virus cases have increased significantly in India too and its number has crossed 10 million.
  • On the other hand, Australia had already lost the World Cup.


The Board of International Cricket Council (ICC) has an online meeting on Monday. In this meeting, the decisive phase will be discussed about the future of the T20 World Cup to be held this year. The Cricket Board of India (BCCI) hopes that it will be postponed, allowing the Indian Premier League (IPL) to be organized. The T20 World Cup is scheduled to be held in Australia from October 18 to November 15, but the country's cricket board had expressed its inability to host the tournament in May itself due to rising cases of corona virus in the state of Victoria.

Corona virus cases have increased a lot in India and its number has crossed 10 lakhs, while the number of deaths is also more than 26 thousand and if such IPL is organized then it will be organized after getting approval from the central government. Can be done in UAE. A member of the BCCI's top council said, “The first step was to postpone the Asia Cup which is done.” Only after the announcement of postponement of IPL tournament can we proceed on our plan. Cricket Australia has said that they are not too keen on hosting the tournament but still they are not deciding. '

These are the possibilities

This year's T20 World Cup is likely to be held in Australia in 2022 as India does not want to change its right to host the 2021 tournament with Cricket Australia. Australia will not host this prestigious tournament, it was evident when the Cricket Board asked its players to prepare for the limited-overs series against England at the end of September. Cricket Australia has also announced a 26-member starting squad for that tour.

Saurabh Ganguly said, despite scoring a lot, was removed from ODIsSaurabh Ganguly said, despite scoring a lot, was removed from ODIs

Remember the story of hosting the Champions Trophy

However, the ICC has said that it wants to consider all possible 'emergency' options before making such a big decision and it is not uncommon for the governing body to wait so long. “Pakistan was to host the Champions Trophy in 2009,” a source familiar with the ICC's operations said. After the terrorist attack on the Sri Lankan team bus, everyone knew that the Pakistan Cricket Board would not be able to host a big competition in the near future. '

“Despite this, the ICC kept its staff in Pakistan for months while South Africa was already preparing to host the tournament,” he said. Everyone was aware but the formal announcement to change the venue took months as the threat assessment is part of the rules. The source said, “The ICC cannot postpone the Ninth T20 World Cup as the top Australian government ministers initially Had expressed its eagerness to host. '

Ganguly told state associations, IPL may be held in vacant stadiumsGanguly told state associations, IPL may be held in vacant stadiums

Consideration for the post of ICC Chief

The postponement of the Asia Cup to 2021 is a setback for Ehsan Money and his team who were opposing the Indian board. The PCB has to host the Asia Cup. It is learned that the PCB is in contact with other boards so that some bilateral series can be organized as the national team does not play any series after the tour of England. The nomination for the next ICC independent chairman may also be discussed in the meeting to be held on Monday as Shashank Manohar resigned earlier this month. It has been learned that it has not been agreed on what will be the eligibility for selection if many candidates are submitted.

Smith-Sangakkara said after Gambhir, Ganguly behind Dhoni's successSmith-Sangakkara said after Gambhir, Ganguly behind Dhoni's success

Ganguli is also in the race

The ICC board member said, “The board is not united in deciding whether to use a two-thirds majority (in terms of policy decisions) or a general majority rule among 17 board members.” Colin Graves of the Cricket Board (ECB) is being considered as the top contender while BCCI President Saurabh Ganguly's name is also being discussed. However, when Ganguly was asked about the ICC post during a recent interview, the former 48-year-old player said that he was young and not in a hurry for the post. New Zealand's Gregor Barclay and Hong Kong's Imran Khwaja are also considered potential contenders. Khwaja is currently the interim chairman.

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