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be early! Split Inverter ACs in less than 20 thousand with a strong discount of up to 47%, no chance to miss it

Flipkart Cooling Days: To stay cool in this summer season, AC is to be bought, but budget is running low, no matter the cooling days sale is going on on e-commerce site Flipkart. The sale, which started from April 22, will go live till April 26 and during this time many AC models are available with discounts, but today we are going to give you this article about the Split Inverter AC models getting up to 20 thousand rupees Will tell

This will be extra savings like this: For the information of people, let us know that during the sale, 10 percent instant discount will be available on HDFC Bank Credit Card or Credit / Debit Card EMI transaction. But the minimum bill amount should be 5 thousand and a maximum discount of Rs 1,250 per card will be available.

Learn about card discount (Photo- Flipkart)

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MarQ By Flipkart 0.8 Ton 3 Star Split Inverter AC (FKAC083SIAEXT)
Flipkart is getting a great deal on this AC model, it is a split inverter AC model available for less than Rs 20 thousand, which can be purchased at a discount of 23 percent for Rs 19,990 (MRP 26,039).

MarQ By Flipkart AC

A chance to buy AC cheaply (Photo- Flipkart)

The listing on Flipkart has revealed that this 3-star rated AC model does not require a stabilizer as it comes with stabilizer free operation (165 V to 265 V). Apart from this, AC is also capable of cooling in 60 degree heat. It has features such as auto restart and sleep mode.

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MarQ By Flipkart 1 Ton 3 Star Split Inverter AC (FKAC103SIAINC)
If your room is big and your work will not work with 0.8 ton AC, then tell that this split inverter AC model is being sold for Rs 20,990 after a discount of 47 percent.

MarQ By Flipkart 1 Ton

A chance to buy AC cheaply (Photo- Flipkart)

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If you want to buy this AC model for less than 20 thousand rupees, then tell that if customers use HDFC Bank Credit Card or Credit / Debit Card EMI transaction while buying this AC model in Flipkart Cooling Days, then 10 Instant discount of percentage will be received. After getting the benefit of the discount, you will be able to buy it for less than 20 thousand rupees.

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