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Big game made through dating websites, data of millions of users caught by hackers

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If you use adult dating website and e-commerce website, then there is news for you. According to a report by vpnMentor, the data of more than one lakh users of these websites has been caught by an unknown hacker. According to the report, the same software has been used to hack 70 websites around the world, which has been developed by marketing company Mailfire.

882.1 GB data theft
This data has been leaked via an unsecured elastisearch server. Due to this leak, the risk of identity theft, blackmailing and fraud of users has increased significantly. The report says that the size of the leaked data is 882.1GB. Leaked data includes notification content, PII data, private messages, authentication tokens and links as well as email content.

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Data leak information found on 31 August
Researchers came to know about this data leak on 31 August. Researchers said vendors were contacted on 3 September and Mailfire responded to the news of the data leak after securing the server in a few hours. A day later, users were informed about the data leak.

Hacker got more than 37 million records
Mailfire has taken full responsibility for the mess in the server. Researchers have found out in preliminary investigation that 882.1 GB data has been handed over to the hacker. This includes more than 32 crore records of 6.6 crore individual notifications sent in 96 hours. The countries whose users have suffered the most in this data leak include many more countries including Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, UK, USA and Portugal.

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Profile picture was also stolen
Leaked PII data includes user’s full name, age, date of birth, gender, email address, location of the messages, IP address, uploaded profile pictures as well as profile bio description. It is also a matter of concern for users that in this leak, all the records of conversations between two users on dating sites have also been found by the hacker.

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