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biggest twitter hack: 130 year old 'mastermind', 130 high-profile twitter accounts like hacked bill gates and obama – 17 years old mastermind arrested for one of the biggest high profile twitter hack in july

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On the microblogging site Twitter, accounts of 130 big celebrities like former US Vice President Joey Biden and Elon Musk were hacked. In the case of a high-profile hack, a Florida teenager has been arrested and is said to have been the real 'mastermind' behind the hacking of the accounts. These accounts were tweeted to hack and send bitcoins to them.

Such a large hacking case raised a question mark on Twitter and also caused embarrassment for the platform's data security team. Officials say 17-year-old Graham Evan Clarke is involved in the entire hacking and hacker mastermind. Federal authorities were already tracking Clarke before the Twitter hack. Teenager is being interrogated by registering a case of fraud.

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Bitcoins worth ₹ 5.2 crores

Clarke, at the age of only 17, has executed many cases of hacking with his vicious mind. According to Legal Documents, in April, a secret service seized bitcoins worth more than $ 700,000 (about Rs 5.2 crore). Twitter hacking began on July 15 and was intended to steal and sell strange and unique usernames. After this the hacker started demanding cryptocurrency.

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Twitter had to shut down the system

Hackers tweeted from about 45 hacked accounts, accessed direct messages of 36 accounts and downloaded all the information of seven accounts. The hacker gained access to the internal Twitter system and changed the passwords of many users from their access, stealing information from company employees. Alam was that Twitter had to shut down the entire system of resetting the password for some time, so that hacking could be stopped.

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