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Bitcoin Taproot Support Lags 27% – Even as Soft Fork Asks Nodes to Update Opt-In Supporters – Technology Bitcoin News

On June 12, the crypto community celebrated the fact that the bitcoin network is locked in taproot support to activate the biggest upgrade to the protocol in four years. After 24 days, taproot support through bitcoin nodes has reached only 27.55% and upgrade supporters are requesting the community to update their nodes.

It’s Your Duty To Upgrade Nodes, Say Many Bitcoin Taproot Threads

The data coming from Twitter account is called taproot signal shows that taproot-support nodes represent just over 27% of touches of the known public node count. 72.45% have not updated their bitcoin nodes to support the upcoming activation period in November. However, the upgrade is a soft fork, meaning that nodes do not need to be upgraded in order to stay within Bitcoin’s rules. Similarly, Soft Fork Segregated Witness (SegWit) also faced a lack of node adoption when it was activated in 2017.

The adoption rate of SegWit did not start with very high levels until March 2018. SegWit adoption levels reached a high of 53% on February 23, 2021 and today levels have reached 71% as per Segwit usage data recorded on July 6. After the implementation of SegWit, many bitcoiners requested node operators and major crypto businesses to adopt a soft fork. The same can be said of Taproot today, as crypto supporters are posting on forums asking node operators to update to a Taproot supporting node as soon as possible.

Two weeks ago, a Redditor wrote: “Less than 25% of nodes implement Taproot, update your nodes.” In a forum post, people argued what would happen to a node that hasn’t upgraded to 0.21.1. One person stated that if a node had not upgraded to 0.21.1 after block 709,632, and “a miner were to produce a block that violates taproot rules” they would “delete that block as valid”. while anyone upgrading sees it. Invalid.” Another Redditor who responded to the comment disagreed with the person’s assessment.

“As far as I understand there is no way to create a block that violates the ‘tap route rules though,'” the person wrote. “This is a soft fork. Both the old node and the updated node consider the pre-taproot and post-taproot blocks to be valid. Older nodes will see UXTO as ‘anyone can spend’ output … but In fact, they are not. It works on all versions.”

‘Upgrade your nodes to Taproot and ask your friends to do the same’

On July 5, 2021, another Reddit post on r/bitcoin appeared requesting bitcoiners to update their nodes. “If you run a node, remember to update it to support taproot, only 27% do so,” said the Redditor’s thread. This thread was met with debate again, with some Redditors telling the author of the post that the Taproot is a soft fork and that these upgrade posts are useless.

“Taproot is a soft fork, so opt-in,” says the most voted comment on the thread. “You don’t have to upgrade. That being said, I run two full nodes, both of which have the latest Bitcoin Core version. Why not [support] Freedom of expression? Even if I don’t have to say anything important, at least for the time being.”

popular twitter accounts @mikeinspace Also discussed the topic of taproot upgrade on Tuesday. Referring to a 27% support thread on Reddit, he told his 11,000 Twitter followers that he’s seeing a variety of Taproot upgrade posts like this on social media.

“I see a lot of this ‘It’s your duty to upgrade lately,'” he tweeted. “I thought soft forks were meant to be optional and that you could happily enforce consensus, ignoring vendor extensions.” Twitter handle Mike in space too mentioned The infamous Chris DeRoss, former host of the broadcast “Bitcoin Uncensored.” Mike in Space added:

There was a great DeRose rant about immaculate bitcoin that is now lost in a memory hole. This included Mircea Popescu, the Bitcoin Vendor Extension and the Bitcoin.com Foundation, a true bitcoiner.

On Twitter, a large number of people are asking or asking node operators to support Taproot as soon as possible. “Upgrade your nodes to Taproot and ask your friends to do the same,” Francis Pauliot Told He has 68,000 Twitter followers.

Another person said on June 13, “The financial incentive to upgrade Node to Taproot is that it increases the value proposition for bitcoin, and therefore helps your hide.” In fact, on June 13th, a large swarm of posts on Twitter showed several tweets with bitcoin node operators to update.

What do you think about the lack of adoption Taproot is seeing today and are requesting node operators to update the post as soon as possible? Let us know what you think about this topic in the comment section below.

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