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Bollywood civil suit against media house, not in entire industry, selected channels

Mumbai: A new statement released on Wednesday by the Bollywood production house, which had filed a civil suit against some media houses a few days ago, now clarifies that the suit is targeted not at a particular news channel but the entire media industry.

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A recent press release by DSK Legal, representing 34 production houses and four film associations, stated that the relief sought from the Delhi High Court was not only on two news channels but on any news channel, individual person or any material Will apply. On any digital platform.

“Our customers, the Hindi film industry’s business associations and production houses who have filed a lawsuit before the Hon’ble Delhi High Court against some nominated television news channels and digital media platforms on October 12, 2020, seeking injunctive relief Doing, “clarify that the lawsuit is not just for ordering against channels and platforms that have been named in the suit, but also against anonymous defendants referred to as John Doe / Ashok Kumar,” the statement Read.

It said: “This means that any order passed in favor of the plaintiff will apply to the content on all television channels and digital platforms, which may be found in violation of such orders. Our customers may accept such content Will also come along and add some others who publish “. Additional Defendants Specific to Suit. Our customers also want to clarify that, as specifically stated in the plaintiff, they are not seeking a blanket gag order against media reports investigating cases, as our clients feel are incorrectly reported has been done. “

The civil suit was filed in the Delhi High Court on October 12 by four Bollywood industry associations and 34 leading production houses, praying that the court will cover news channels Republic TV, Arnab Goswami and Republic TV’s Pradeep Bhandari, news channel Times Now, Direct Rahul. Shivshankar and Navika Kumar of Times Now, and anonymous defendants as well as social media platforms to prevent them from making irresponsible, derogatory and derogatory remarks against the Hindi film industry and against members of Bollywood.

The suit seeks to prevent news channels from conducting media trials of Bollywood celebrities and interfere with the right to privacy of those associated with the film industry.

It comes to Bollywood using the words and expressions like “dirt”, “dirt”, “dirt” and “druggies” in view of the above mentioned channels, and expressions like, “This is Bollywood where dirt is needed”. Was done, “All Arab perfumes cannot remove the stench and stench of this underbelly and Bollywood underbelly”, “This is the dirtiest industry in the country”, and “Cocaine and LSD drench Bollywood”.

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