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brad hogg on suresh raina comeback: there is no place for suresh raina in team india: brad hog – there is no place or suresh raina in team india says brad hogg

Team India's senior lefthand batsman Suresh Raina is sweating hard for his return to Team India. But if you understand from Brad Hogg's understanding, there is no room for Raina in the current team India.

Edited By Arun Kumar | | Updated: 27 Jul 2020, 01:37:00 PM IST

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Senior lefthand batsman Suresh Raina is once again looking for his return to Team India. Raina was also not selected by the selectors for the 2019 World Cup. This time Raina is eyeing a return to Team India for the T20 World Cup. But former Australian spin bowler Brad Hogg feels that there is no spot in Team India for Raina now. However, he has given a scope for Raina's return.

The ICC T20 World Cup was to be played in Australia in October November this year. But due to Kovid-19, it has been postponed till next year. This time, many senior Indian players are ready to stake their claim to return to Team India through the IPL. Among these players is 33-year-old Suresh Raina.

IPL decided but many questions in front of franchisees

Raina is an important member of the IPL team captained by Dhoni. Chennai's innings depends a lot around them and Raina will definitely want to claim his return by playing some match-winning knock from here.

Hog was asked by a fan on his YouTube channel 'Hogs Vlog' whether Raina has a chance to return?

Hogs praised Raina during this period, saying that he has been the best fielder and best batsman for India in world cricket. He is a brilliant lefthander batsman.

IPL 2020 will not happen in your country

  • IPL 2020 will not happen in your country

    It is difficult to hold the 13th edition of IPL in India. The situation of Covid-19in the country is continuously deteriorating. The infection of this deadly virus is spreading rapidly day by day. In such a situation, it is not possible to get approval for any kind of sporting events in the country till the situation is controlled. In such a situation, the BCCI is planning to organize this league in the UAE.

  • This league will be without audience

    The format of instant cricket was designed to entertain people only. But this time, given the current situation, it is certain that this league will be held without spectators. The stadium will not allow spectators to come. Fans will be able to enjoy it only on TV. However, Brijesh Patel of the IPL Governing Council said that we will look at the guidelines of the UAE government to see if there is scope for audience but even if it is not allowed, the franchisees are ready to play without the audience.

  • Cheerleaders dance will not be seen on fours and sixes

    Cheerleaders are seen dancing outside the boundary line in the T20 format, especially in league cricket after hitting fours and sixes or falling wickets. But this time, social distancing is very important in the guidelines of Covid-19and if there are no spectators on the field, then it is also certain that this league will be played without the cheerleaders.

  • Strategic time out is also difficult

    In order to increase the thrill of the IPL, two strategic times out breaks were taken in this innings. During this two and a half minutes the game was stopped and the team management used to come to the ground to discuss the necessary strategy of the match with the players. A total of 4 such brakes were taken in both innings of the match. But this may threaten social distancing. In such a situation, it is also possible that this time the brakes of strategic time out will also not be visible.

  • Superfan may not get signed ball

    An exciting aspect of the league was also the city in which the match was held. One of the sponsors chose a fan as a superfan. This fan used to get a chance to watch the match in a special box and after the match was over, the Winning Captain handed the ball to the fan by giving his autograph on the ball used in the match. But this time it may not be visible either.

  • Live chat with Fielder during the match

    From the perspective of making the game exciting, till now, through the microphone in this league, the Komentator used to talk to one of the players of the fielding team during the match itself on the current state of the match and the strategy of the team. But this can also pose a threat to bio-security, so it is also possible that this time in IPL this live chat may not even be seen. Apart from this, the use of the mic in the toss and match presentation will probably not be seen and both the captain will appear on the spy camera with their views.

  • Players will not even shake hands

    Before the match, the players of both the teams were seen shaking hands with each other and after the match the losing team was seen to join hands with the winning team and congratulate them on the victory. But to maintain the environment of biosecurity, the players will not be seen doing so either.

However, looking at Virat Kohli's captaincy, the former Chinaman bowler said, “Virat Kohli's eyes are on young cricketers, so there is no room for Raina.”

He said, “ Looking at the current batting lineup of Team India, Virat believes in giving opportunities to the youth. Shreyas Iyer has made it to number 4, where Raina can bat. Raina is a batsman who can bat well in the middle overs. I don't think they are right for lower order batting. In such a situation, I do not think that there is any place left for them.

Hogg further stated that there is only one equation for Raina's return to the T20 squad. If Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul start the innings and Shikhar Dhawan sits out of the team, there could be a chance in the middle order for Raina. But it is disappointing to say that I think Raina will no longer be seen playing in international cricket.

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