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BSNL wings: BSNL wings challenging airtel and JIO’s wifi service

bsnl wings: BSNL's WiFi calling service, Airtel and Jio's VoWiFi collision – bsnl wings challenging airtel and jios vowifi service

Telecom companies keep on bringing new services to woo users. One of these is Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) Calling. The craze of this service is increasing rapidly among users. In December 2019, Airtel first started its Wi-Fi calling. After Airtel, Reliance Jio also started rolling out this service for its users. Voice over Wi-Fi calling is unique in that it allows users to call even in the absence of network. In addition, it also improves the indoor calling experience of users. On the other hand, the government telecom company BSNL Is also offering a similar service to users. BSNL Wings With this service named, users can call from the Internet just like VoWiFi. However, there is some difference between BSNL Wings and other VoWiFi service in the market. Let’s know details.

Special features of BSNL Wings

It is important to understand here that the technology used in BSNL Wings and Voice over Wi-Fi is the same. This is the reason that users of these two services can make calling through the Internet. Calling from the Internet network is called VoIP. The difference comes when calling is done through the device. For calling through BSNL Wings Service, users need the BSNL Wings app. This app can be installed on mobile, laptop, PC and tablet. With the help of this app, users can call contacts through Wi-Fi network by accessing the address book present in the device. Please tell that to use this app, login details are required which are given to the users at the time of registration.

Difference between BSNL Wings and VoWiFi

The biggest difference between BSNL Wings and VoWiFi calling is the registration process. To use BSNL Wings service, subscribers have to pay an annual rental of Rs 1,099. This amount is prepaid and only after that the users get login details of BSNL Wings app. They can use it for internet calling. At the same time, voice over Wi-Fi calling service operators of Reliance Jio and Airtel are supported only by operators.

BSNL Wings Price

To take the calling facility of BSNL Wings, users have to pay an annual rental of Rs 1,099. If users want to do international calling through wings also, then they have to deposit Rs 2000 separately. The company also gives 1800 free minutes every month to its subscribers. After the free minutes are over, users will have to pay 30 paise per minute for every call. The biggest feature of BSNL Wings is that in this, free roaming service is being offered to the users worldwide. Along with this, the company is offering international calling at the rate of Rs 1.2 per minute.

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