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Buy a second hand car or this earphone, such an expensive earphone launched in India, know the price

Aiming to meet the needs of audio lovers, German audio brand Sennheiser on Friday introduced IE 900, a premium earphones for music lovers in India for Rs 1,29,990. The flagship model is available for pre-booking on the Sennheiser webshop. If seen, a second hand car can come comfortably in this price.

What is special in expensive earphones
The arrival of the IE 900 also marks the launch of the company’s brand new X3R system that expands in size to 8 times the coherent-artifact free “Senheiser Sound” found in full-size headphones. The company said that the new IE 900 earphones have been carefully crafted to meet the most demanding standards.

Kapil Gulati, Director, Consumer Section, Sennheiser India said in a statement, “The earphones meet Sennheiser’s criteria for a high end audio product and match exceptional performance to ensure a re-defined experience for audio lovers. Huh.”

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This reproduction of a wide frequency range with low distortion is the result of the Sennheiser one-driver principal and the development of their X3R system, the company said. To make the treble more smooth, Sennheiser integrated an acoustic vortex. Frequency smoothing brings the listener closer to a perfect sound experience.

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