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Can Kovid-19 be prevented from serious illness? Research reveals shocking

Symptoms of Covid-19are flu-like. The only thing is that Covid-19can be serious. The tablet is consumed as zinc supplements because it has anti-viral effects. Anti-viral is helpful in curing viral infections.

Can zinc prevent the Covid-19?

Experts say that the common flu and current pandemics are from the same family of viruses ie coronavirus. So zinc can be helpful in strengthening your immune system and recovering from Covid-19.

The authors study a possible relationship between zinc’s lower blood levels and poor health of people with COVID-19. Studying Spanish Dr. Effert Fernandez reformed hospitalized patients from mid-March to late April. During the research, a sample of 611 males and females were taken in the test.

The researchers focused on a sample of only 249 patients. They also included a sample of 21 dead patients. During the research, it was found that those who survived were more than those who died of zinc levels. Researchers reported that zinc levels of living people tended to be 63.1 micrograms per deci protein while those in the dead had a zinc level of 43 micrograms per deci orbit.

After considering all aspects, he said that every unit increase in blood levels of zinc at the time of hospitalization can reduce the risk of death in hospital by 7 percent. They reported that lower zinc levels at the time of hospitalization are related to higher inflammation during infection treatment. This means that the lower level of zinc at the time of hospitalization is associated with the risk of death of patients.

Revealing the relationship between nutrient and disease

Before intake of zinc balls, care should be taken that research has so far been limited to small groups. According to experts, more research needs to be done to reach the final result. Current research only shows that there is a relation between disease and nutrient.

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