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Charger and headphones will not be available in iPhone 12 box, will have to be purchased separately

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Apple has launched its new iPhone 12 lineup in a big virtual event. In the year 2020, the company has brought four new iPhone 12 devices, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max together. The company has also made a big change this year in the device box, which has become smaller than before. It may not sound good to most buyers, but the iPhone 12 Series is not providing Apple Charger or headphones with any device.

Buy any model of the iPhone 12 lineup, you will only get the iPhone unit in the box and will not be provided with a wall charger, headphones or lightning cable. No extra accessories Apple is going to deliver in the box of new iPhone 12 devices. That is, to charge the new iPhone 12, you will have to buy a separate charger or you will have to spend headphones separately to listen to your favorite music. However, there is a big reason behind this unique decision of Apple.

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That’s why Apple made a big change
Apple believes that iPhone users who upgrade their devices already have chargers and headphones. Apple is taking this step in the interest of the environment because a lot of e-waste or e-waste is being produced every year, including Apple’s charger and Lightning cables. The company wants to reduce this waste by not giving the charger with every new device. During the event, the company said that the retail box of iPhone 12 has also become smaller than before. In this way the new change is good for the environment.

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Charger and Beat headphones launch
According to reports related to e-waste, there are about 3 lakh tonnes of charging plugs and cable vests every year. In the event, MagSafe charger has also been launched by Apple, which can be purchased from the company’s site and store. Beats Flex headphones have also been launched by Apple. These headphones, which come with USB-C charging, have been priced at $ 50 (about Rs 3,700). It is clear that due to the lack of accessories in the iPhone 12 box, the cell of these headphones and AirPods is also going to increase.

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