chhapaak tanhaji box office collection: box office: ‘tanhaji’ is heavy on ‘chhapak’, know first week’s total earnings – deepika padukone starrer chhapaak and ajay devgn tanhaji the unsung warrior first week collection

chhapaak tanhaji box office collection: box office: 'tanhaji' is heavy on 'chhapak', know first week's total earnings – deepika padukone starrer chhapaak and ajay devgn tanhaji the unsung warrior first week collection

Audiences had high expectations from the Deepika Padukone starrer ‘Chhapak’. But everyone saw the fate of the film. At the box office, it directly competed with Ajay Devgn’s film ‘Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior’. If you look at the genre and the background, then there is no comparison between the two films. Nevertheless, in terms of collection, Deepika’s film has been badly defeated by Ajay’s film.

A week has passed since both films were released. In such a situation, whose income has been made, let us know:

First of all, let’s talk about the film ‘Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior’. With the bumper debut, the first week of this film has also gone bang. The film, which hit ‘Chhapak’ at the box office on 10 January, grossed 116 crores in its first week. Apart from the weekend, ‘Tanhaji’ roared at the box office even on normal days.

According to a report by BoxOfficeIndia.com, ‘Tanhaji’ earned more than 11 crores on Thursday, January 16 and it is Ajay’s first such film, which has collected so much on any Thursday.

How many people gave Ajay Devgan's 'Tanhaji', see public review ...
How many people gave Ajay Devgan’s ‘Tanhaji’, see public review …

First week collection of ‘Tanhaji’:

Friday – about 14,50,00,000

Saturday- 19,75,00,000

Sunday – around 25,50,00,000

Monday – around 13,50,00,000

Tuesday – about 15,25,00,00

Wednesday – about 16,25,00,000

Thursday – around 11,25,00,000

Total – about 1,16,00,00,000

These moments of ‘Chhapak’ will make hair stand

  • These moments of 'Chhapak' will make hair stand

    ‘Chhapak’ has been the most difficult character of Deepika Padukone’s career. This is said by the actress herself. And now that the trailer is in front of everyone, it seems that why it was difficult for Deepika. It has swept across social media, from YouTube to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. (All photos: YouTube / Twitter)

  • Deepika was strong in the role of Lakshmi Aggarwal

    The most gripping is Deepika Padukone’s look and performance. The film is based on the life of acid attack survivor Laxmi Agarwal, in which Deepika is playing the same character (changed name Malti).

  • These moments sparkle

    Although the entire trailer is worth watching and shocks, but there are many moments in it that will make you stand tall.

  • Everyone stunned to see Deepika's acting

    Everyone is stunned to see Deepika’s acting. This is the scene of the film when the acid is thrown on Deepika’s character i.e. Malti. Seeing this scene, the rogue stands up.

  • Bollywood also became murid

    From Bollywood to the common man, everyone has praised Deepika’s acting tremendously.

  • Deepika dominated the role of acid attack survivor

    The beauty with which Deepika has brought the story of an acid attack victim alive on the film screen is well appreciated.

  • '2020 National Award named to Deepika'

    People have started demanding the National Award for him from now on. Many people on social media said that Deepika will take the National Award for 2020 and all the other awards for Best Actress.

  • The heart rips they scream

    When Aicid is thrown at Deepika’s character i.e. Malti and when she is brought to the hospital for treatment, her crying and screaming makes her heart tear.

  • Deepika has died in every scene

    Deepika worked hard for the acting as well as the acting of the Survivor Attack in ‘Chhapak’ and it is evident from these pictures.

  • Also praised Vikrant Massey

    In addition to Deepika in ‘Chhapak’, Vikrant Massey’s acting is also being praised a lot. People are calling him ‘Chupa Rustom’.


Talk about Meghna Gulzar’s Deepika starrer ‘Chhapak’, so according to Box Office India, the film could only earn 26 crores in the first week. In this sense, it has proved to be a flop. Let me tell you that this film, based on the life of acid attack Victim Survivor Lakshmi Aggarwal, was performing badly at the box office from the first day of its release. However, it was being speculated that it would catch pace in the coming days. But looking at the figure for the first week, now it is not right to expect the pace. Even from days like Lohri and Makar Sankranti, ‘Chhapak’ did not show any improvement in earnings.

It is believed that ‘Chhapak’ could not perform as expected because people were agitated about his presence in the JNU controversy and there was a demand for his film to be boycotted on social media.

Public Review: How did people feel Deepika's 'Chhapak'Public Review: How did people feel Deepika’s ‘Chhapak’

First Week Collection of Chhapak:

Friday – about 4,50,00,000

Saturday- about 6,50,00,000

Sunday – around 7,00,00,000

Monday – around 2,00,00,000

Tuesday – around 2,25,00,000

Wednesday – around 2,25,00,000

Thursday – Around 1,25,00,000

Total – 25,75,00,000

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