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Chinese app ban: Even if the app is banned, Chinese phones will continue to run as before – Chinese smartphones will not be affected by apps ban in India

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Smartphones of companies like Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo and Realme will continue to work as before and the banning of Chinese apps will not affect them. Last Monday, 59 Chinese apps have been banned in India by the government and it is believed that this will also affect the smartphone makers as these companies have a large market share in both India and China. Two apps of Xiaomi are also included in the list of ban apps.

The demand for boycott of Chinese products has been raised repeatedly since the tension between China and India. The government's banning of apps like Tiktok, CamScanner and UCBrowser will also affect some buyers, who were buying Chinese devices till now due to the low budget. Even many TikTok users bought Chinese phones because they have features related to making good videos.

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No effect on device

Even though the decision related to the app ban of the government, smartphone companies will see an impact in sales for some time, but most rivel companies also believe that their components come from China. Such ban will not affect the existing Chinese phones and they will continue to work as before. Phone manufacturers say that this will not affect the functionality of the device and customers can easily switch to new apps.

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Preinstalled apps will not be available

Neil Shah, Research Director at Counterpoint, said, “There are no two opinions about this; after that a negative setting will be made in the market and people will think before buying Chinese product.” He said that during this time, non-Chinese brands such as Samsung and Apple may get more demand than before. Apart from this, many apps were available pre-installed in Chinese phones and now this trend will also be ended.

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