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chinese apps ban: this country on the path of India, will ban TikTok and other chinese apps – japan is also planning to ban chinese apps including tiktok after india and us

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In the last week of June, 59 Chinese apps have been banned by the Indian government. After this, the United States is talking about taking such a step and now Japan can also follow this path. Reports have revealed that Japan may ban several Chinese apps, including TicketLock. Many other countries are also considering similar plans considering the data store in China as the basis.

According to a report by NHK World, a group of law-makers is working on banning the use of apps designed by Chinese publishers. Like India and the US, Japan's lawmakers have also raised concerns about the security of the user's data and said that a lot of their local data could be handed over to the Chinese government due to such apps.

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Quite craze in japan

The group may submit its proposal to the Government of Japan by September 2020. The short video sharing platform TikTok is quite successful in Japan as well. Data from iOS surfaced in Japan suggests that TikTok Entertainment has consistently been among the top rankings in the category of apps. It currently occupies the fifth position among the most downloaded apps. In India too, this app was quite popular and was competing with Facebook.

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Tiktok gave clarification

Tittock spokesperson said on this, 'There is a lot of rumors and misinformation about Tittock here. Tittock is the American CEO and Chief Information Security Officer with several years of experience in the Industry, US Military and Law-Information Department. The US team is also working on creating the best in class security infrastructure for us. The app says that the data is stored in US and Singapore servers and cannot be accessed easily.

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